Fast forward to your fave: Hommus Authentic Dips Deli Style Dips

Obela Hommus all starts with the humble chickpea, perfectly blended with tahini, garlic, herbs and spices to produce our iconic smooth and creamy hommus.

Pistachio Lemon Dukkah Hommus 220g
Roasted Capsicum Hommus 220g
Classic Hommus 220g
Roasted Pine Nut Hommus 220g
Zesty Jalapeño Hommus 220g
Sweet Beetroot Hommus 220g
Savoury Garlic Hommus 220g
Classic Hommus 1kg
Roasted Pine Nut Hommus 900g
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Authentic Dips

Dip into our Authentic Dips that are inspired from all around the world to give you authentic, worldly food experiences right at home

Classic Tzatziki Dip 220g
Classic Guacamole Dip 220g
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Deli Style Dips

Classic indulgent chunky dip flavours made with a base of indulgent of fresh tasting vegetables or herbs combined with cashews and cheese

Basil Pesto, Pecorino & Cashews 150g
Roasted Red Capsicum, Pecorino, Basil & Cashews 150g
Balsamic Beetroot, Feta & Cashews 150g
Roast Tomato, Feta, Basil & Cashews 150g
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